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Security Token Offering (STO)

Raise Funds for Your Venture from International Accredi

Security Token Offering (STO)

Security Token Offering or STO is an innovative and secure way to finance project funds or disclose company stock using block-chain technology.

Block chains interfere with business and financial transactions as well as our work. Anti-tamper technology enables investors to safely store and share information through a distributed system that trusts the financial system.

Security tokens qualifying for Howey Test and covered by federal securities and regulations are supported in virtual currencies as types and tradable assets, giving investors liquidity.

Based on distributed led technology, OneAlto is the premier security token provider and asset tokenization provider and builds a state-of-the-art security token platform.

Types of STO

Equity Token

Each token is backed by a stock in your company, giving equal rights to the token holders in terms of voting and dividends.

Asset Tokenization

Real-world commodities such as gold, commercial real estate, and even art. They will back up the tokens of your STO.

Equity Token

Each token is backed by a stock in your company, giving equal rights to the token holders in terms of voting and dividends.

Types of Asset Tokenization


Tokenization of commercial real states can make your real-world investments accessible digitally and globally.​


Artists and galleries can benefit from tokenization of art giving fractional ownership of art pieces to the token holders and adding value and money to the piece.

Stable Coins

For those who hail stable coins as the Holy Grail of the digital currency market, in asset tokenization, they are also an option.

Venture Capital Funds

With tokenization, coin holders can keep track of theirs Investments Funds without the need of an intermediary.​

Illiquid Asset​

Not every asset can be quickly converted to cash, current, fixed or even intangible, for instance. Without any loss of value, is possible to tokenize it and even increase trading volume.

Mining Repository​

This is one of the most illiquid assets and ideal for the tokenization industry. Gold, silver or renewable energy backed by token are the future of commodity.​

Security Token Offering Services

 GoodSecurities  is a pioneer of the Security Token Platform, not developed.

Extending encryption to asset tokenization is a natural asset, allowing traditional assets and commodities to move into a block chain, giving coin holders liquidity that is missing in the digital world.

 OneAlto  has more than $ 700 million in funding from 50 completed projects and is moving to the latest and most secure way to provide tokens, with a wealth of experience in ICO launch.

We provide the most complete STO services in the market, from networking to marketing. We also provide client security token advisory and consulting.

STO Development

Ethereum Blockchain’s ERC-20 technology used to implement tokens does not meet the requirements for Asset Support and Secured Warranty Tokens. Gas prices, network congestion and protocol issues are some of the problems.

To overcome these barriers, OneAlto allows users to customize to their  clients and other platforms. 

The development of the network also includes features such as legally compatible tokens, global investor participation, transactions for token holders, and transparency to wallets.

STO Exchange Platform

The  GoodSecurities  Security Exchange Development Team aims to create an exchange platform with secure and reliable functionality.

All new technologies build compliance, SECOND regulations, tokens, exchanges, and make all processes safe and legal.

STO Marketing

Marketing is one of the keys to a successful STO Launch. It is necessary to make investors know and understand your vision so they can feel secure and certain of the investment they are doing in a legally compliant way.

Our team of experts in marketing and blockchain technology will work together to create the best strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Tokenized Asset Offerings (TAO) Development

Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) paves the way for the financial market to move into blockchain world using automated KYC/AML, investor verification, and fully transparent voting rights.

Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development

Being able to issue equity tokens allows all legally registered companies to tokenize their assets and raise some funds in a crowdfunding-like mechanism. Equity Tokens guarantee equity-like rights for all the investors, such as voting rights and dividends.

Programmable Equity
Fractionalization of larger assets
Increase in Liquidity
Automated SEC Compliant
Programmable Equity